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palaver (third-person singular simple present palavers, present participle palavering, simple past and past participle palavered)

  1. To discuss with much talk.
    • 1860, Atlantic Monthly, vol. 5, no. 30 (April),
      “That,” he rejoined, “is a way we Americans have. We cannot stop to palaver. What would become of our manifest destiny?”

palaver (plural palavers)

  1. (Africa) A village council meeting.
    • 1799, Mungo Park, Travels in the Interior of Africa[1]:
      Here we remained four days, on account of a palaver which was held on the following occasion.
  2. Talk, especially unnecessary talk, fuss.
    • 1899, Stephen Crane, Active Service:
      Knowing full well the right time and the wrong time for a palaver of regret and disavowal, this battalion struggled in the desperation of despair.
    • 1985, Justin Richards, Option Lock, p 229:
      Not for the first time, he reflected that it was not so much the speeches that strained the nerves as the palaver that went with them.
  3. A meeting at which there is much talk.
  4. (Can we verify(+) this sense?) (informal) Disagreement
    I have no palaver with him.

Definizione dizionario palaver

fam. storie
  unnecessary talk, fuss

Altri significati:
  (informal) Disagreement
  A meeting at which there is much talk.
  Talk, especially unnecessary talk, fuss.
  (Africa) A village council meeting.
  a meeting at which there is much talk
  To discuss with much talk.

Traduzione palaver

fam. storie ,chiacchiere ,conferenza ,conversazione ,discussione

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