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  1. third-person singular present indicative of plasmare
  2. second-person singular imperative of plasmare

plasma (countable and uncountable; plural plasmas)

  1. (physics) A state of matter consisting of partially ionized gas
  2. (hematology) A clear component of blood or lymph containing fibrin
  3. (hematology) Blood plasma, free of suspended cells, used in transfusions
  4. (mineralogy) A variety of green quartz, used in ancient times for making engraved ornaments.
  5. (medicine, dated) A mixture of starch and glycerin, used as a substitute for ointments.
  6. (computer graphics, demoscene) A visual effect in which cycles of changing colours are warped in various ways to give the illusion of liquid organic movement.
    • 1999, ""Rage Matrix"", Coding plasma demos....HELP! (on newsgroup comp.programming)
      Has anyone here written a plasma demo in C/C++ who would be willing to explain to me exactly how it works?

Definizione italiano>inglese plasma

  high energy state of matter
  component of blood
  The clear, yellowish fluid portion of the blood in which cells are suspended.
  An extremely hot gas that is composed of free-floating ions and free electrons.

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