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quoter (plural quoters)

  1. Someone who quotes.
    • 1876, William Sanday, The Gospels in the Second Century[1]:
      Irenaeus is described by Dr. Tregelles as a close and careful quoter in general from the New Testament [Endnote 49:2].
    • 1914, Editor= R. Brimley Johnson, Famous Reviews[2]:
      Every man is, according to Mr. Hunt, a dull potato-eating blockhead--of no greater value to God or man than any ox or dray-horse--who is not an admirer of Voltaires romans, a worshipper of Lord Holland and Mr. Haydon and a quoter of John Buncle and Chaucers Flower and Leaf.
    • 2005 November 18, David Whiteis, “A Proper Good-bye”, Chicago Reader:
      Even before he began attending services at Harmony Community Baptist--just a few doors down South Millard from the house where he and Eula lived for decades--hed been a ""very good quoter of the Bible,"" Eula says, and in short order he became a deacon.

Definizione dizionario quoter

Altri significati:
  Someonoe who quotes.

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