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radio (third-person singular simple present radios, present participle radioing, simple past and past participle radioed)

  1. (intransitive, transitive, ambitransitive) To use two-way radio to transmit (a message) (to another radio or other radio operator).
    I think the boat is sinking; wed better radio for help. / I radioed him already. / Radio the coordinates this time. / OK. I radioed them the coordinates.
  2. (transitive) To order or assist (to a location), using telecommunications.
    • 2002, Jack Dave, Death Bridge, iUniverse, ISBN 978-0-595-21407-5, page 40:
      “Could you call them here? Id like to talk to them. Or if theyre out in the field, radio them in.”
    • 2006, Angie Morgan, Leading from the front: no excuse leadership tactics for women, page 111:
      When I told him that they werent back yet, he asked if we could radio them back early […] Radioing them in was fine with me.
    • 2006, Kimberly Johnson, Amys Secret, page 14:
      When she arrived, she was told that Tad wasnt there and to have a seat and wait while they radioed him in.

radio (countable and uncountable; plural radios)

  1. (uncountable) The technology that allows for the transmission of sound or other signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves.
  2. (countable) A device that can capture (receive) the signal sent over radio waves and render the modulated signal as sound.
  3. (countable) A device that can transmit radio signals.
  4. (Internet, uncountable) The continuous broadcasting of sound recordings via the Internet in the style of traditional radio.

Definizione italiano>inglese radio

  The process, equipment or programming involved in transmitting and receiving sound signals by electromagnetic waves.
  Audio signals transmitted over the Internet of quality comparable to those broadcast by commercial radio stations.
apparecchio radio
diffusione radiofonica
emittente radiofonica
radio (mass media)

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radio |apparecchio radio |diffusione radiofonica |emittente radiofonica |radio (mass media) |radioelettricità |radiofonico |transistor |

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