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Definizione monolingua referee



referee (third-person singular simple present referees, present participle refereeing, simple past and past participle refereed)

  1. To act as a referee.
    • He has to referee three hockey games this weekend.
    • She has to finish refereeing an article for Nature.

referee (plural referees)

  1. (sports) An umpire or judge; the official who makes sure the rules are followed during a game
    • The referee kicked Jim out of the game for fighting.
  2. A person who settles a dispute
  3. A person who writes a letter of reference or provides a reference by phone call for someone
    • Your application, along with letters from three referees, should be received by January 31.
  4. An expert who judges the manuscript of an article or book to decide if it should be published

Definizione italiano>inglese referee

  sport: umpire, judge, the supervisor of a game
  An official appointed to rule on plays and procedure.

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arbitro |arbitrare |giudice |

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