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rep (third-person singular simple present reps, present participle repping, simple past and past participle repped)

  1. To represent; to act as a representative for.
    • 1922, Hal G. Evarts, The Settling of the Sage[1]:
      Bentley, the man who repped for Slade, carried the air and the rest joined in.
    • 1994 November 4, Bill Wyman, “Evanstons New Music Hall/Veruca Salt Grow Up/Schmitsville”, Chicago Reader:
      He left to help the Reader set up its national advertising arm, went back to Rolling Stone for five years, repped other magazines, and finally set up his own company, which currently scouts ads for the Atlantic, Spin, Discover, and a publication called Disney Adventures.

rep (plural reps)

  1. (uncountable) Short form of reputation.
    Try not to make it easy for the tabloids to ruin your rep.
  2. (weightlifting, countable): Short form of repetition.
    I get a better bicep workout if I use less weight and more reps.
  3. (countable) Short form of representative.
    When I requested tickets for Nassau, my rep just put me on hold.
    John Doe is a participant in the House of Reps.
  4. Short form of repertory.
    She did her time in reps before she made the grade in West End theatre.
  5. (textiles) A fabric made of silk or wool, or of silk and wool, and having a transversely corded or ribbed surface; repp.

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