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Definizione monolingua rhythm



rhythm (plural rhythms)

  1. The variation of strong and weak elements (such as duration, accent) of sounds, notably in speech or music, over time; a beat or meter.
    Dance to the rhythm of the music.
  2. A specifically defined pattern of such variation
    Most dances have a rhythm as distinctive as the Iambic verse in poetry
  3. A flow, repetition or regularity.
    Once you get the rhythm of it, the job will become easy.
  4. The tempo or speed of a beat, song or repetetive event.
    We walked with a quick, even rhythm.
  5. The musical instruments which provide rhythm (mainly; not or less melody) in a musical ensemble
    The Baroque term basso continuo is virtually equivalent to rhythm
  6. A regular quantitative change in a variable (notably natural) process
    The rhythm of the seasons dominates agriculture as well as wildlife
  7. Controlled repetition of a phrase, incident or other element as a stylistic figure in literature and other narrative arts; the effect it creates
    The running gag is a popular rhythm in motion pictures and theater comedy

Definizione italiano>inglese rhythm

  variation of strong and weak elements of sounds over time

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Traduzione 'veloce'

ritmo |cadenza |

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