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sand (third-person singular simple present sands, present participle sanding, simple past and past participle sanded)

  1. (transitive) To abrade the surface of (something) with sand or sandpaper in order to smooth or clean it.
  2. (transitive) To cover with sand.

sand (countable and uncountable; plural sands)

  1. Rock that is ground more finely than gravel, but is not as fine as silt (more formally, see grain sizes chart), forming beaches and deserts and also used in construction. Sand may be blown around by the wind; gravel is too heavy, and silt (on beaches) does not usually have time to dry out between tides.
  2. (often in plural sands) a beach or other expanse of sand.
  3. (obsolete) Personal courage (used before or around 1920s)
  4. A light beige colour, like that of typical sand.
    sand colour:    

sand (comparative more sand, superlative most sand)

  1. Of a light beige colour, like that of typical sand.

Definizione italiano>inglese sand

  finely ground rock
  Materiale formato da piccoli detriti provenienti dalla disgregazione di piccoli minerali, rocce o particelle minerali, che può essere visto ad occhio nudo; i granelli variano da forme sferiche a delle forme con angoli con un diametro che varia tra 1/16 di millimetro e 2 millimetri.
  A loose material consisting of small mineral particles, or rock and mineral particles, distinguishable by the naked eye; grains vary from almost spherical to angular, with a diameter range from 1/16 to 2 millimeters.
  finely ground rock
  to cover with sand
  to abrade with sand or sandpaper

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sabbia |rena |spiaggia |insabbiare |scartavetrare |arena |carteggiare |ghiaia |réna |

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