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shower (third-person singular simple present showers, present participle showering, simple past and past participle showered)

  1. (followed by with) To spray with (a specified liquid).
  2. To bathe using a shower.
  3. to bestow liberally, to give or distribute in abundance
    • 1919, Boris Sidis, The Source and Aim of Human Progress:
      The individual in the army becomes used to holding human life in contempt, in fact the greater the slaughter, the greater is his merit; and the more medals, ribbons, and honors of hero-worship are showered on him, the more he becomes, after a time, indifferent to all sorts of human suffering and loss of human life.

shower (plural showers)

  1. A brief fall of precipitation.
    Today there will be frequent showers and some sunny spells.
  2. A device for bathing by which water is made to fall on the body from a height, either from a tank or by the action of a pump.
  3. An instance of using of this device in order to bathe oneself.
    Im going to have a shower. (UK, Australian)
    Im going to take a shower. (especially US)
  4. A bridal shower; a fund-raiser held in honor of a bride attended by female friends of the bride.
    The shower will be held at the home of the bridesmaid.
  5. A baby shower.
  6. (obsolete) A battle, an attack; conflict.
    • 1485, Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte Darthur, Book XX:
      ‘I dare adventure me to kepe her frome an harder showre than ever yet I had.’
  7. (Ireland, pejorative) A contemptible group of people or things or a contemptible individual; a shower of shit;
    • 1991: Allen Feldman, Formations of Violence: The Narrative of the Body and Political Terror in Northern Ireland, page 208 (University of Chicago Press; ISBN 9780226240701, 9780226240718)
      It was one of the worst feelings in the H-Block, one of the worst experiences to sit and listen to somebody getting beat. Because you were totally powerless, and you would always get somebody shouting at the door, “You shower of bastards!” It was always a crowd of screws and one or two naked men in a cell. They had total control.

Definizione italiano>inglese shower

  instance of using of this device
  device for bathing
  fall of light rain
  fall of light rain
  to spray with
  to bathe using a shower
  A brief fall of rain.
  fall of light rain
  fall of light rain
farsi la doccia
farsi una doccia
rovescio di pioggia
scroscio di pioggia

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doccia |acquazzone |pioggia |spruzzare |docciarsi |pioggerella |rovescio |scroscio |docciare |farsi la doccia |farsi una doccia |fioccare |rovescio di pioggia |scroscio di pioggia |versare |

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