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skirt (third-person singular simple present skirts, present participle skirting, simple past and past participle skirted)

  1. To be on or form the border of.
  2. To move around or along the border of; to avoid the center of.
    • 1922, Virginia Woolf, Jacobs Room Chapter 1
      An enormous man and woman (it was early-closing day) were stretched motionless, with their heads on pocket-handkerchiefs, side by side, within a few feet of the sea, while two or three gulls gracefully skirted the incoming waves, and settled near their boots.

skirt (plural skirts)

  1. An article of clothing, usually worn by women and girls, that hangs from the waist and covers the lower part of the body.
    • circa 1907, O. Henry, The Purple Dress:
      ""I like purple best,"" said Maida. ""And old Schlegel has promised to make it for $8. Its going to be lovely. Im going to have a plaited skirt and a blouse coat trimmed with a band of galloon under a white cloth collar with two rows of—""
  2. The part of a dress or robe that hangs below the waist.
    • 1885, Ada S. Ballin, The Science of Dress in Theory and Practice, Chapter XI:
      The petticoats and skirts ordinarily worn are decidedly the heaviest part of the dress ; hence it is necessary that some reform should be effected in these.
  3. (slang) A woman.
    • 1931, Robert E. Howard, Alleys of Peril:
      ""Mate,"" said the Cockney, after wed finished about half the bottle, ""it comes to me that were a couple o blightin idjits to be workin for a skirt.""
      ""What dya mean?"" I asked, taking a pull at the bottle.
      ""Well, eres us, two red-blooded e-men, takin orders from a lousy little frail, andin the swag hover to er, and takin wot she warnts to and us, wen we could ave the ole lot. Take this job ere now--""
  4. A part that serves as a border or edging.

Definizione italiano>inglese skirt

  part of dress
  Limitare o cingere da tutti i lati contemporaneamente.
  To extend on all sides simultaneously.

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gonna |circondare |costeggiare |fiancheggiare |gonnella |lembo |mantello |margine |orlo |sottana |vestito |

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