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spine (plural spines)

  1. A person or things backbone; the series of bones collectively from ones (literal or figurative) head to tail or pelvis.
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Chapter 80,
      If you attentively regard almost any quadrupeds spine, you will be struck with the resemblance of its vertebrae to a strung necklace of dwarfed skulls.
  2. A rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant.
    • 1871, Charles Darwin, Descent of Man, Chapter XII,
      The male, as Dr. Gunther informs me, has a cluster of stiff, straight spines, like those of a comb, on the sides of the tail
  3. Courage or assertiveness.
    • 2001, Sydney I. Landau, Dictionaries: The Art and Craft of Lexicography, Cambridge University Press (ISBN 0-521-78512-X), page 409,
      Trademark Owners will nevertheless try to dictate how their marks are to be represented, but dictionary publishers with spine can resist such pressure.
  4. The narrow, bound edge of a book.
    • Powells Books, rare books basics,
      Because the spine is generally all you can see when a book is on the shelf, the spine displays the title and author of the book and is often ornately decorated.

Definizione italiano>inglese spine

colonna vertebrale
  Parte del corpo che consiste in una fila di vertebre, che sostengono il corpo e la testa e che formano un canale per i nervi.
  The body part that consists of a row of vertebrae, that support the head and torso and that forms a canal for nerves.
spina dorsale
  rigid, pointed surface protuberance or needle-like structure on an animal, shell, or plant
  bound edge of a book
  bound edge of a book

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