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Definizione monolingua sunset



sunset (third-person singular simple present sunsets, present participle sunsetting, simple past and past participle sunsetted)

  1. (business, politics, transitive) To phase out.
    Well be sunsetting version 1.9 of the software shortly after releasing version 2.0 next quarter.

sunset (plural sunsets)

  1. The time of day when the sun disappears below the western horizon.
  2. The changes in color of the sky at sunset.
  3. (figuratively) The final period of the life of a person or thing.
  4. (attributive) Of or relating to the final period of the life of a person or thing.
    ones sunset years
  5. (attributive) Having a set termination date.
    The tax increase legislation included a sunset clause requiring renewal to prevent the tax increase from expiring.

Definizione italiano>inglese sunset

  final period of life
  changes in color of sky at sunset
  time of day

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