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Definizione monolingua underground



underground (third-person singular simple present undergrounds, present participle undergrounding, simple past and past participle undergrounded)

  1. To route electricity distribution cables underground
    • 1962, David Pesonen, “Battles Over Energy”, in Carolyn Merchant editor, Green Versus Gold: Sources in Californias Environmental History[1], Island Press, ISBN 9781559635806, published 1998, page 325:
      One is to underground where no other alternative will work, and this method should be used universally in urban regions as it now is in “downtown” sections.
    • 2004, Don L. Ivey and C. Paul Scott, “Solutions”, in Transportation Research Board Committee on Utilities editor, Utilities and Roadside Safety[2], State of the Art Report 9, Transportation Research Board, ISBN 9780309094511, page 9:
      Also, undergrounding may not eliminate the potential for crashes with other roadside objects, such as trees, walls, buildings, and so forth. [...] When looking at the fesibility of undergrounding utilities, the complete roadside area and nearby adjacent properties should be evaluated for potential roadside obstructions or hazards.
    • 2006, Janes Northcote-Green, Robert Wilson, “Design, Construction and Operation of Distribution Systems, MV Networks”, in Control and Automation of Electrical Power Distribution Systems[3], CRC Press, ISBN 9780824726317, page 110:
      The utility now wants the network to be undergrounded in the urban areas, which would mean substations with 33 kV distribution swtichgear.

underground (plural undergrounds)

  1. (chiefly UK) An underground railway.
  2. (with ""the"") A movement or organisation of people who resist political convention.
  3. (with ""the"") A movement or organisation of people who resist artistic convention.

underground (comparative more underground, superlative most underground)

  1. (not comparable) Below the ground; below the surface of the Earth.
    There is an underground tunnel that takes you across the river.
  2. Hidden, furtive, secretive.
    These criminals operate through an underground network.
  3. Of music, art, etc, outside the mainstream.

underground (comparative more underground, superlative most underground)

  1. Below the ground.
    The tunnel goes underground at this point.
  2. Secretly.

Definizione italiano>inglese underground

  below the ground
  Che è collocato sotto il livello del terreno.
  Located below the ground level.
  movement or organisation of people who resist political convention
  hidden, furtive
  movement or organisation of people who resist political convention
  below the ground
  below the ground
linea metropolitana
  An electric passenger railway operated in underground tunnels. (Source: CED)
  movement or organisation of people who resist political convention
  movement or organisation of people who resist political convention
ferrovia sotterranea
movimento clandestino
organizzazione clandestina

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sotterraneo |clandestino |resistenza |sotterranea |sottoterra |metropolitana |metrò |linea metropolitana |movimento |organizzazione |ferrovia sotterranea |l’underground |movimento clandestino |organizzazione clandestina |sotterra |sottosuolo |underground |

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