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Definizione monolingua wagon



wagon (third-person singular simple present wagons, present participle wagoning, simple past and past participle wagoned)

  1. (transitive) To transport by means of a wagon.
  2. (intransitive) To travel in a wagon.

wagon (plural wagons)

  1. A four-wheeled cart for hauling loads.
  2. A childs riding toy, four-wheeled and pulled or steered by a long handle in the front.
  3. (US, Australian, slang) A station wagon (or SUV).
  4. (slang) A paddy wagon.
  5. A truck, or lorry.
  6. (Ireland, slang, dated, derogatory) A derogatory term for a woman; bitch; slapper; cow.
    • 1974, in Threshold, Issues 25–27,[1] Lyric Players Theatre, page 96:
      “I’m not like that; I know what you mean but I’m not like that. When you said a field I nearly laughed because I was in a field last week with Ursula Brogan behind the football pitch. We followed Cissy Caffery there and two boys from the secondary. She’s a wagon. She did it with them one after the other, and we watched.”
    • 1990, Roddy Doyle, The Snapper, Penguin Group (1992), ISBN 978-0-14-017167-9:
      pages 30–31: —Don’t know. ——She hates us. It’s prob’ly cos Daddy called her a wagon at tha’ meetin’. ¶ Sharon laughed. She got out of bed. ¶ —He didn’t really call Miss O’Keefe a wagon, she told Tracy. —He was only messin’ with yeh.
    • 1998, Neville Thompson, Two Birds/One Stoned,[2] Poolbeg:
      page 8: “Well fuck yeh, yeh stuck-up little wagon.”

Definizione italiano>inglese wagon

  A wheeled vehicle, generally drawn by horse power.

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carro |vagone |carrozza |vettura |camion |

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