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Definizione monolingua whale



whale (third-person singular simple present whales, present participle whaling, simple past and past participle whaled)

  1. (intransitive) To hunt for whales.
  2. (transitive) To flog, to beat.

whale (plural whales)

  1. Any of several species of large sea mammals.
  2. (figuratively) Something, or someone, that is very large.
    • 1920 September, “A Reformed Free Lance” (pseudonym), “Doctoring a Sick Encyclopedia”, in The Writer, Volume XXXII, Number 9, page 131:
      It was a whale of a job. […] It took two months, and the fair blush of youth off my cheeks.
    • 1947 May 19, John Chamberlain, “Will Clayton and his Problem”, in Life, page 120:
      But when it comes to his business life and business career, Will Clayton is not as other men; he is such a whale of a lot better that it suggests a qualitative as well as a quantitative difference.
  3. (gambling) (In a casino) a person who routinely bets at the maximum limit allowable.
    • 2003, Jeff Wuorio, How to Buy and Sell (Just About) Everything,
      These are often no-limit games as maximum bets cramp a whale’s style.
    • 2004, Norm Clarke, Vegas Confidential: Norm! Sin Citys Ace Insider 1,000 Naked Truths, Hot Spots and Cool Stuff,
      A handful of the richest whales routinely play for $200,000 a hand. Australian media mogul Kerry Packer not only regularly bets that much, but has plunked down $200,000 bets for the dealer as a form of a tip.
    • 2008, Deke Castleman, Whale Hunt in the Desert,
      The high roller who had the most ferocious reputation for trying to run the business of the casinos where he played, before he died on December 26, 2006, was Kerry Packer. In the casino world, Packer was the Prince of Whales.

Definizione italiano>inglese whale

  large sea mammals
  Large marine mammals of the order Cetacea; the body is streamlined, the broad flat tail is used for propulsion, and the limbs are balancing structures.

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Traduzione 'veloce'

balena ,cetacei ,balene ,cetaceo

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