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Definizione monolingua whereupon




  1. After which.
    The network went down, whereupon I made a cup of tea
  2. In consequence of which.
  3. Upon which.
    the wet cliff whereupon he stood
    • 1835, John Nichols, The Gentlemans Magazine, volume 158, page 495:
      My tender wife and children standing by, / Dewing the death-bed whereupon I lie.
    • 1846, John Clarke Crosthwaite, Alexander Watson, Practical sermons, by dignitaries and other clergymen, page 270:
      You see that the Apostle speaks as one who had distinct and certain knowledge of the grounds whereupon he was standing.
    • 1880, Cassells family magazine, page 262:
      Gradually, however, the white clouds resolved themselves into the snowy linen and coverlets of a bed whereupon he was lying, whilst the crimson light proved to be the effect of a blazing fire, [...]
    • 1889, Frank Leslies Popular Monthly, volume 27, page 78:
      He sprung from his bed, whereupon one of them had fired. He pursued them as they retreated, and they fled out of the house by the back door. Thereupon he returned to the bed, saw that his wife had been shot, and roused the servants [...]
    • 1907, Francis Bazley Lee, Genealogical and personal memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, volume 2, page 530:
      [...] could take no rest except such as he obtained by supporting himself on his knees and elbows, being unable to suffer any part of his body to touch the bed whereupon he lay.

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