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within (comparative more within, superlative most within)

  1. in or into the interior; inside


  1. Indicates spatial enclosure or containment.
    • 1908, Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows,
      The Rat […] lightly stepped into a little boat which the Mole had not observed. It was painted blue outside and white within, and was just the size for two animals; and the Moles whole heart went out to it at once […] .
  2. Indicates figurative inclusion within the scope of.
    • 2011, Tom Fordyce, Rugby World Cup 2011: England 12-19 France [1]
      England struck back with a fine try from Ben Foden and closed to within seven points with three minutes left when Mark Cueto capitalised on a break from replacement Matt Banahan.
  3. Before the specified duration ends.
    Leave here within three days.

Definizione dizionario within

  spatial enclosure
  All'interno di un luogo.
  To the inside of a place.
in mezzo

Altri significati:
  Indicates figurative inclusion within the scope of.
  Indicates spatial enclosure or containment.
  before the specified duration ends
  inclusion within scope of
  Before the specified duration ends.

Traduzione within

dentro ,entro ,a ,all'interno ,fra

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