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Definizione monolingua woman



woman (third-person singular simple present womans, present participle womaning, simple past and past participle womaned)

  1. To man with female labor.
    • 1956, Rex Stout, Three Witnesses, The Viking Press, page 54
      Apparently the Sixty-ninth Street office of Bagby Answers, Inc., was being womaned for the day from other offices.
    • 1990, Stephen King, The stand: the complete & uncut edition
      Gus Dinsmore, the public beach parking lot attendent, said he guessed that so many cars must be just stopped dead along the road that even those manned (or womaned) by able drivers would be unable to move.
    • 2010, Julia Glass, The Widowers Tale, page 77
      The information desk is now manned (womaned) by someone whose main job is to help you reserve time slots for the computers or guide you through the arduous process of “logging on.”

woman (plural women)

  1. An adult female human.
  2. A wife (sometimes a fiance or girlfriend)
    • 1914, D. H. Lawrence, Study of Thomas Hardy and Other Essays, chapter 7: ""Of Being and Not-Being""
      And then, when he lies with his woman, the man may concurrently be with God, and so get increase of his soul.

Definizione italiano>inglese woman

  adult female human being
  Essere umano adulto membro del sesso che produce ovuli e che partorisce figli.
  An adult human member of the sex that produces ova and bears young.

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