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Definizione monolingua would




  1. As a past-tense form of will.
    1. (obsolete) Wished, desired (something). [9th-19th c.]
    2. (archaic) Wanted to ( + bare infinitive). [from 9th c.]
      • 1852, James Murdock, trans. Johann Lorenz Mosheim, Institutes of Ecclesiastical History, II.7.iii:
        The Greeks, especially those who would be thought adepts in mystic theology, ran after fantastic allegories [...].
    3. Used to; was or were habitually accustomed to ( + bare infinitive); indicating an action in the past that happened repeatedly or commonly. [from 9th c.]
      • 2009, ""Soundtrack of my life"", The Guardian, 15 Mar 09:
        When we were kids we would sit by the radio with a tape recorder on a Sunday, listening out for the chart songs we wanted to have.
    4. Used with bare infinitive to form the ""anterior future"", indicating a futurity relative to a past time. [from 9th c.]
      • 1867, Anthony Trollope, Last Chronicle of Barset, ch. 28:
        That her Lily should have been won and not worn, had been, and would be, a trouble to her for ever.
      • 2011 November 5, Phil Dawkes, “QPR 2 - 3 Man City”, BBC Sport:
        Toure would have the decisive say though, rising high to power a header past Kenny from Aleksandar Kolarovs cross.
    5. (archaic) Used with ellipsis of the infinitive verb, or postponement to a relative clause, in various senses. [from 9th c.]
      • 1724, Daniel Defoe, Roxana, Penguin p. 107:
        He sat as one astonishd, a good-while, looking at me, without speaking a Word, till I came quite up to him, kneeld on one Knee to him, and almost whether he would or no, kissd his Hand [...].
      • 1846, ""A New Sentimental Journey"", Blackwoods Magazine, vol. LX, no. 372:
        If I could fly, I would away to those realms of light and warmth – far, far away in the southern clime [...].
    6. Was determined to; loosely, could naturally have been expected to (given the tendencies of someones character etc.). [from 18th c.]
      • 1835, Charles Dickens, Sketches by Boz, V:
        Then he took to breeding silk-worms, which he would bring in two or three times a day, in little paper boxes, to show the old lady [...].
      • 2009, ""Is the era of free news over?"", The Observer, 10 May 09:
        The free access model, the media magnate said last week, was ""malfunctioning"". Well he would, wouldnt he?

    Definizione italiano>inglese would

      used to express a polite request
    Use the conditional tense
    Use the imperfect tense

    Altri significati:

    Traduzione 'veloce'

    volere |Use the conditional tense |Use the imperfect tense |decoro |volei |volli |

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