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zenith (plural zeniths)

  1. (astronomy) The point in the sky vertically above a given position or observer; the point in the celestial sphere opposite the nadir.
    • 1638 Herbert, Sir Thomas Some years travels into divers parts of Asia and Afrique
      The 12 day wee had the wind high and large ?o that in two dayes ?aile we made the Sunne our Zenith or verticall point...
    • 1671–1693: Rev. Thomas Jolly, private notebook?; printed in:
    • 1895: Henry Fishwick [ed.], The Note Book of the Rev. Thomas Jolly: A.D. 1671–1693. Extracts from the Church Books of Altham and Wymondhouses, 1649–1725. And an Account of the Jolly Family of Standish, Gorton, and Altham, page 44
      In this 10th m. appeared that prodigious Comett the tayl whereof was like the blade of a double edged sword, and reached almost from the horizon to the zenith.
  2. (astronomy) The highest point in the sky reached by a celestial body.
    • 1719- Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe
      ...in the middle of the day, when the sun was in the zenith, the violence of the heat was too great to stir out...
  3. Highest point or state; peak.
    • 1900, William Beckford, The History of the Caliph Vathek[1], page 173:
      ""There for a while I enjoyed myself in the zenith of glory and pleasure.""

Definizione italiano>inglese zenith

  astronomy: point vertically above a position or observer
  highest point or state; peak
  Direction pointing vertically above a given location
  highest point or state; peak
  highest point or state; peak

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zenit |apice |culmine |fine |punta |vertice |

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