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aerosmith - last child

I'm dreaming tonight
I'm living back home


Take me back to-a south Tallahassee
Down  ❚❚  the bridge to my sweet sassafras-y
Can't stand up on my  ❚❚  in the city
Gotta get back to the real nitty gritty

Yes sir, no sir
Don't come  ❚❚  to my
Home, sweet home
Can't catch no dose
Of my hot  ❚❚  poontang sweetheart, sweathog
That makes ya a purse
From a J. Paul Getty and his ear
With her  ❚❚  in her beer

Home Sweet Home

Get out in the field put the  ❚❚  in the stable
Ma, she's a cookin' put the eats on the  ❚❚ 
Hate's in the city and my love's in the meadow
Hand's on the  ❚❚  and my feet's in the ghetto

Stand up, sit down
Don't do nothing
It ain't no good when boss man's
Stuffin'  ❚❚  their throats
For paper notes
And their babies cry
While cities lie at their feet
When you're rockin' the streets

Home Sweet Home

Mama, take me home, sweet home
I was the last child
I'm just a punk in the street...

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