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charlie rich - i love my friend

She was crying
And I was lonely
And a band was playing
Some old  ❚❚  song
Someone had hurt her
And someone had left me
And We both  ❚❚  something
To hold on to
Who knows
Tomorrow it might all end
But  ❚❚  I love my friend
I love my friend
And we'll make it
Just  ❚❚ 
Even though we're going to share the night
In each other's arms
I'll treat her  ❚❚  a lady
And I'll call her baby
Cause I love my friend
We'll  ❚❚  it
Just maybe
Tomorrow when we start another day
And we don't  ❚❚  the way
I'll still treat her like a lady
Still call her baby
Cause I love my friend
And we'll make it

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