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climax blues band - i love you

When I was younger man
I hadn't a care
Foolin' around
Hitting the town
Growing my hair

You  ❚❚  along
And stole my heart
When you entered my life

Ooh,  ❚❚ , you got what it takes
So I made you my wife

Since then I never looked back
It's almost  ❚❚  living a dream
And, oooh, I love you

You came along
From far away
And found me  ❚❚ 

I was playin' around
Feeling down
Hittin' the beer

You picked me up
From off the floor
And  ❚❚  me a smile

You said, you're much too young
Your life ain't begun
let's  ❚❚  for awhile

And as my head was spinnin' 'round
I gazed into your eyes
And  ❚❚ , oooh, I want you

Thank you, babe, for being a friend
And shinin' your light in my life
'Cause,  ❚❚ , I need you

As my head was comin' round
I gazed into your eyes
And thought, oooh, I  ❚❚  you

Thanks again for being my friend
And straightenin' out my life
'Cause, oooh, I need you

Since then I never looked back
It's almost like livin' a dream
Oooh, I got you

If ever a man had it all
It would have to be me
And, oooh, I love you

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