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elton john - who wears these shoes?

There's a light on in your window
There's a shadow on the street
Two silhouettes  ❚❚  me it's over
The shadow knows the shadow's me

I won't  ❚❚  or cause you trouble
Well that's the last thing I'll ever do
But  ❚❚  I leave your life completely
Tell me who wears these shoes,  ❚❚ 

Lord knows the days just get longer
The nights grow  ❚❚  with you on my mind
And I feel like an old jukebox
Playing the same  ❚❚  all the time

If these crazy dreams don't kill me
It's more than I can take from you
Not knowing  ❚❚  or when I'll see you
Not knowing darling who wears these shoes

My  ❚❚  all say don't got to pieces
I say that's fine but if I lose
I  ❚❚  to know who's in my foot steps
I want to know who wears these shoes

My friends all think I must be crazy
I see the facts but if it's true
I want to know who's in my footsteps
I want to know who wears these shoes, darling

Oh and it's a chilling feeling
When I can't see him
What do I do
When I face the two of you

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