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frankie avalon - togetherness

Two hearts are
Better than one heart
Four lips are sweeter than two
Come close to me
Let's  ❚❚  and see
What togetherness, can do

Two dreams are
Better  ❚❚  one dream
Four arms can make them come true
Let's pool our love
Follow the  ❚❚ 
Love togetherness, right through

There's strength in numbers
Everybody  ❚❚ 
Between us, we'll have
Twenty fingers, twenty toes

No one  ❚❚  ever be lonely
No one should ever be blue
Love's not for one
It's made for two
So  ❚❚  let's find
Togetherness, for two

(Let's pool our love
Follow the rules
Love togetherness
Right through)

There's  ❚❚  in numbers
Everybody knows
Between us we'll have
Twenty fingers,  ❚❚  toes

No one should ever be lonely
No one should ever be blue
Love's not for one
It's  ❚❚  for two
So together let's try
Togetherness, for two

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