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george michael - you have been loved

that man
she loved that man
for all his life
but now we  ❚❚  to take him flowers
and only God knows why
for what's the  ❚❚  in pressing palms
when children fade in mother's arms
it's a  ❚❚  world
we've so much to lose
and what we have to learn
we  ❚❚  choose
so if it's God who took her son
he cannot be the one living in her mind
take care my love, she said
don't think that God is dead
take  ❚❚  my love, she said
you have been loved
if I was weak, forgive me
but I was terrified
you  ❚❚  my eyes with angels wings
full of love
the kind that makes devils cry
so these days
my life has changed
and I'll be fine
but she just sits and counts the hours
 ❚❚  for her crime
so what's the use of pressing palms
if you won't keep such love from harm
it's a cruel world
you've so much to prove
and heaven help the ones
who wait for you
well I've no  ❚❚  I've no sons
guess I'm the only one
living in my life
take care my love, he said
don't think that God is dead
take care my love, he said
you have been loved

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