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gerald levert - thinkin' bout it

Girl I been waitin' on this day
bet you thought you never  ❚❚  me say
you been creeping around all over town
been laying it down been messin'  ❚❚ 
what goes around always comes around
Baby girl I thought we was down
girl I hope you change  ❚❚  freaky ways
'cause I really wanna stay
tell me is he the best since I been there
that I should  ❚❚  your underwear
do you really think he cares

All this time I've been sleeping  ❚❚  you
you been sleeping with me
you been stroking him and loving him
and kissing him and  ❚❚  him
oh why you've been creeping with him
he's been sexing your  ❚❚ 
not I got you thinking about it
thinking about it thinking about it
thinking about it

Girl I think  ❚❚  I should let you know
that I'm gonna have to up and go
if you keep  ❚❚  it up cutting up
and acting fast giving up the ass
I love you but I had enough
do it again it's gonna be your last
I can forgive but won't forget the
things you did
you'll soon regret ever dissin' me
'cause this could be the end of we
can't you see
girl you're hurting me

Repeat Chorus three times

For the life of me I just can't conceive
why I just can't leave you
why you do this to me baby
I feel like a fool
but what can I do your love gots me weak baby
why must I endure your constant greed
your endles need to be so damn freaky
now I understand 'cause it wasn't for me
yes pay backs a mother baby

Oh why tell me why whey are you so freaky
tell me why, why are you so freaky




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