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helen reddy - peaceful

In the morning fun when no one will be drinking any more  ❚❚ 
I'll wake the sun up by givin' him a fresh air full of the wind cup
And I won't be  ❚❚  in the shadows hiding sorrow
And I can wait for fate to bring around to me any part of my tomorrow,  ❚❚ 

'cause it's oh, so peaceful here
There's no one bending over my shoulder
Nobody  ❚❚  in my ear
Oh, so peaceful here

In the evening shadows are  ❚❚ ' me and the dew settles in my mind
And I think of  ❚❚  in the yesterday when my plans were giggled in rhyme
I had a son while on the run and his  ❚❚  brought a tear to my eye
And maybe some day he'll up and say "We had a pretty  ❚❚  time", oh, oh, oh, my

'cause it's oh, so peaceful here
There's no one bending  ❚❚  my shoulder
Nobody breathing in my ear
Oh, so peaceful here

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