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janet jackson - what have you done for me lately

What's up, girl?
He stood me up again.
Mmm hmm.
Well, what's up  ❚❚  this guy? Do you really like him that much?
Yes, honey, I love him. He is fine, he  ❚❚  a lot of nice things for me.
I know he used to do nice stuff for you, but what has he done for you  ❚❚ ?

Used to be a time when you would pamper me
Used to brag about it all the time
Your friends  ❚❚  to think that you're so peachy keen
But my friends say neglect is on your mind...
Who's right?

What  ❚❚  you done for me lately
Ooh ooh ooh yeah
What have you done for me lately
Ooh ooh ooh  ❚❚ 

Used to go to dinner almost every night
Danced until I thought I'd  ❚❚  my breath
Now it seems your dancin' feet are always on my couch
Good thing I cook or  ❚❚  we'd starve to death...
Ain't that a shame?

I never ask for more  ❚❚  I deserve
You know it's the truth
You seem to think you're God's gift to this earth
I'm tellin' you... no way.

You ought to be thankful for the little things
But little things are all you seem to give
You're always puttin' off what we could do today
Soap opera says you've got one life to live
Who's right who's wrong?

What have you done for me lately
Ooh ooh ooh yeah
What have you done for me lately
Ooh ooh ooh yeah

This is wild... I swear.

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