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joe south - don't it make you want to go home


Don't it make you want to go home now
Don't it make you  ❚❚  to go home
All God's children get weary when they roam
Don't it make you want to go home
Don't it  ❚❚  you want to go home

(verse 1):

Oh the whipporwill roosts on the telephone pole
When the  ❚❚  sun goes down
Well it's been a long time but I'm glad to say that I'm
Goin' back down to my home  ❚❚ 
Goin' down to the Greyhound station
Gonna buy me a one way fare
Good lord  ❚❚ ' and the creeks don't rise
By tomorrow I'll be right there


(verse 2):

But  ❚❚ 's a six-lane highway down by the creek
Where I went skinny dippin' as a child
And a drive-in show  ❚❚  the meadow used to grow
And the strawberries used to  ❚❚  wild
There's a drag strip down by the riverside
Where my grandma's cow used to graze
Now the  ❚❚  don't grow and the river don't flow
Like it did in my childhood days


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