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kenny loggins - forever

Now, while we're here alone
And all is said and done
Now I can let you know
Because of all you've  ❚❚ 
I've grown enough to tell you
You'll always be inside of me

How many roads have gone by
So many  ❚❚  left unspoken
I needed to be by your side
If only to hold you

Forever in my heart
Forever, we  ❚❚  be
And even when I'm gone
You'll be here in me

Once, I dreamed that you were  ❚❚ 
I cried out trying to find you
I begged the dream to fade away
And  ❚❚  awaken me

But night took a hold of my heart
And  ❚❚  me with no one to follow
The love that I lost to the  ❚❚ 
I'll always remember

Forever in my heart
Forever here you'll be
Know  ❚❚  when I'm gone
You'll be near to me
Forever in my life

Always thought I'd be
I'd be yours


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