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kenny rogers - lucille

In a bar in Toledo across from the depot
On a bar stool she took off her  ❚❚ 
I thought I'd get closer so I walked on over
I sat down and asked her name
When the  ❚❚  finally hit her she said I'm no quitter
But I finally quit livin' on dreams
I'm  ❚❚  for laughter and here ever after
I'm after what-ever the other life  ❚❚ 

In the mirror I saw him and I closely watched him
I  ❚❚  how he looked out of place
He came to the woman who sat there beside me
Had a strange  ❚❚  on his face
The big hands were calloused he looked like a  ❚❚ 
For a minute I thought I was dead
But he started shaking his big  ❚❚  was breaking
He turned to the woman and said

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille
With  ❚❚  hungry children and a crop in the field
I've had some bad times lived through some sad times
But this time your hurting won't heal
You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille

After he left us I ordered more whisky
I thought how she'd made him look small
From the lights of the bar room to a rented hotel room
We walked without talking at all
She was a beauty but when she came to me
She must have thought I'd lost my mind
I couldn't hold her 'cos the words that he told her
Kept coming back time after time

You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille ...

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