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lady antebellum - we owned the night

Tell me have you ever wanted
Someone so much it hurt?
Your lips keep trying to speak
But you  ❚❚  can't find the words
Well I had this dream once;
I held it in my  ❚❚ 

She was the purest beauty
But not the common kind
She had a way about her
That made you  ❚❚  alive
And for a moment
You made the world stand  ❚❚ 

Yeah we owned the night

You had me dim the lights;
You danced just like a  ❚❚ 
The wine spilled on your dress
And all you did was smile
Yeah it was perfect
I  ❚❚  it in my mind

Yeah, we owned the night

When the summer  ❚❚  around
And the sun starts sinking down
I still remember you
Oh, I still  ❚❚  you
And I wonder where you are

Are you looking at those same stars again
Do you remember  ❚❚ ?

We woke up under a blanket
All tangled up in skin
Not knowing in that moment
We'd never speak again
But it was perfect;
I never will forget
When we owned the night

Yeah we owned the night

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