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lighter shade of brown - on a sunday afternoon

Hi this is Huggy Boy
This is going out to all the homies on a Sunday  ❚❚ 

Sittin in the park on a Sunday afternoon
Me and the crew  ❚❚  jammin the oldie tune
Sippin on a cold bottle of brewsky
Gave O' a  ❚❚  he passed it back to me
Right about then up came some of the homies
Mike,  ❚❚  P, J Smooth, Phil and Larry
Bustin out the ice chest Phil popped the  ❚❚ 
Elia P drunk brew nothing better to do
Mike his cup yo is filled  ❚❚  bird
J Smooth had a cold glass to you know it word
Girls at the place juss  ❚❚  the food
The sky was clear and the weather was cool
Kids at the playground  ❚❚  on the merry go round
All the cars cruisin bumpin their  ❚❚  sound
Cause it's Sunday last day for a fun day
Back to business as usual come Monday
At the park everything went real smooth...
On a Sunday afternoon

We were chillin in the park
Just waiting for the sun to go down (On a Sunday afternoon)
It was me Shiro and the homies
A Lighter Shade of Brown (On a Sunday afternoon)

I said chill (chill)
All the vatos in the park stay ill (ill)
Playing horseshoes to win the bill (bill)
A carne asada nappin on the grill (grill)
So now we eat
The cops cruise by looking for the booze
But what Ruben had was plainly simply apple juice
Coming up short just like a fool
Went back to his car with nothing he could do
All the cars in the parking lot low profiling
And everywhere you look you see somebody styling
Cars would listen rolling deep with booming sounds
Its a good time to cruise around
In the parking lot where the brownies was stackin
And all the vatos were looking for some action yeah


Well the sun was set and it began to get dark
And we were gettin ready to leave the park
We had a good time (aww yeah)
Yeah we had a good day
Pack the stuff up and we was on our way
Yo mackin the brownies as we all cut em off at the pass
But they was all actin soft as we pulled up
They was actin all shy to us
But eses yo wanna know whos the flyest
We bowed out and Jimmy Hassler passed out
Una sta fea so hey yo pimps you jacked out
Coming up short they gave us no run
So yo homies consider this a dry one

Time to cruise the boulevard
Time to have I'm guaranteed to find a brownie while the night is young
We were rolling
Yeah looking real smooth
Cause cruising Whittier is how we ended our afternoon

Smooth chillin just kickin it
With the top down, low to the ground
I know they be watching me smooth chilliin
Just kickin it with the top down, low to the ground
I pump it up for you...smooth
Smmooooooth just chillin on a Sunday afternoon

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