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natalie cole - i live for your love

Stand up, stand on your own
That's what they tell me
You can make it alone

Where  ❚❚  it say I have to move
Far away from you
To prove I'm strong
Oh when, all it really proves
Is I'm  ❚❚  without you
And loneliness has to be wrong

I live for your love
Every minute
I  ❚❚  for your love
want you in it
I live for your love
I admit it
I live for your love

I  ❚❚  up, with noone to kiss
Sometimes I wonder (wonder, wonder)
If I just exists

I know  ❚❚  are people I can see
Places I can be
And friends who call

Oh but, what  ❚❚  does it do
There's no subsitute for you
I want you, or nothing at all

I live for  ❚❚  love
Every minute
I live for your love
want you in it
I live for your  ❚❚ 
I admit it

I live for your love and your kisses
You know how I miss it
Your sweet tender  ❚❚ 
I need you soo much that I just can't go on anymore
What I wouldn't give for
Cause darling

I live for your love
My baby, baby yeah
I live for your love, oooohhh

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