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paul mccartney - jet

I can almost remember their funny faces
That time you told 'em that you were going to be marrying  ❚❚ 
And Jet
I thought the only lonely place was on the moon

Was  ❚❚  father as bold as a sergeant major?
Well how come he told you that you were  ❚❚  old enough yet?
And Jet
I thought the major was a lady  ❚❚ 

Ah, mater, want Jet to always love me?
Ah, mater,  ❚❚  later

With the wind in your hair of a thousand laces
Climb on the back and we'll go for a  ❚❚  in the sky
And Jet
I thought the major was a little lady sufragette

And Jet
You know I  ❚❚  you was a little lady sufragette

A little lady, my little lady yes!

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