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stevie wonder - yester-me, yester-you, yesterday

Yester-me yester-you yesterday

What happened to the world we knew
When we would dream and scheme
And  ❚❚  the time away
Yester-me yester-you yesterday

Where did it go that yester glow
When we could  ❚❚ 
The wheel of life turn our way
Yester-me yester-you  ❚❚ 

I had a dream so did you
Life was warm and love was true
Two kids who  ❚❚  all the rules
Yester-fools and now
Now it seems those yester-dreams
Were  ❚❚  a cruel
And foolish game we used to play
Yester-me yester-you yesterday

When I recall  ❚❚  we had
I feel lost I feel sad with nothing
But the memory of yester love
And now it  ❚❚  those yester dreams
Were just a cruel
And foolish game we had to play

Yester-me  ❚❚ -you yesterday
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
Sing with me
Yester-me yester-you yesterday
One more time...

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